Environmental Hazardous of Petroleum

Environmental Hazardous of Petroleum Photo

Petroleum Industry is a major source of pollution which cause various hazardous for humans, animals and all living organism. when petroleum spills pollute the surface waters like streams or wetlands, individual surface waterways may be closed for swimming, or fishing. Tourism and water recreation can be affected. Oil spill can affect reptiles, birds, frogs and other animals by direct contact, toxic contamination and destruction of food sources. Petroleum in lake base and stream bed is very dangerous because sediment traps the oil and affects the organism that live in or feed off the sediments. On the surface of the water, water bug that skim the water surface and floating plant are affected by oil spills that spread over the water surface. Shoreline habitats of lakhs and reservoirs provide food sources and nesting ground, which can destroyed by oil spills

  • Global warming & Climate change
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Water pollution hazards
  • Soil pollution hazards
  • Effect of Polymer on Disproportionate Permeability Reduction (DPR) to Gas and Water


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