Major Challenges in Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Conference involve in the predominant challenges in petroleum engineering. Over the maximum latest twenty years the stream of Petroleum Engineering has seems to be a major evolutions. The development about creative techniques as well as the high usage of computerized tools in almost all steps of the investigation and production

Information regarding on oil and service business, market analysis and geographic field of operation is also important. In addition to modern specialist will ask to be excellent ability in legal, other ethics issues and  have an knowledge about health, safety and environment

The Society for Petroleum Engineering studies & improvement Committee analysis five major demanding situations for the business and is evolving which define the mission, the cutting-edge nation of R&D, and location for further research.


  • High-resolution subsurface imaging
  • Challenges in reusing produced water
  • In-situ molecular manipulation
  • Increasing hydrocarbon recovery factors
  • Carbon capture and sequestration

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