Reservoir Engineering

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Reservoir Engineering is a part of petroleum engineering that provide scientific protocol to the drainage troubles springing up at some point of the production and generation of oil and gas reservoir to achieve high economic recovery. The working techniques of reservoir engineering are allied mathematics, subsurface geology, and basic law of physics and chemistry , natural gas, and water in reservoir rock.

Of specific interest to reservoir engineering is producing exact reserves calculation for the financial reporting to the SEC and other administrative bodies. Various job responsibility encompass numerical reservoir modelling, production forecasting, well testing, well drilling and work over planning, economic modelling, and PVT analysis of reservoir fluids.

Reservoir engineering used in the study of field improvement planning  and profitable reservoir depletion plan like gas injection to increase hydrocarbon recovery. Due to senatorial changes in various hydrocarbon generating countries, they are targeted in the drug and implement of carbon sequestration program for reducing the discharge of greenhouse gases

  • Challenges in Reservoir Imaging

·         Reservoir Geology and Geophysics

·         Reservoir Fluids

·         Reservoir Geoscience and Geophysics

·         Reservoir Description

·         Reservoir Modelling and Simulation

·         Reservoir Characterization

·         Reservoir Monitoring

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