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Dr.Abdollah Esmaeili
Dr.Abdollah Esmaeili
Senior Petroleum Engineer , Petroleum Engineering
Cyprus international university

Abdollah Esmaeili has more than 20 years of industry expertise in the Middle East, amongst others as Senior Petroleum Engineer at the National Iranian Oil Company (N.I.O.C) and course lecturer for Petroleum Engineering at universities in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, he is leading international workshops and master classes and has presented numerous papers as expert speaker at international conferences throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America. Abdollah is author of more than 60 articles published in international journals covering the wider range of gas production, exploration, and processing in great depth. Abdollah is a member of the Iranian Chamber of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and member of the Scientific Research and Development Committee of National Iranian South Oil Company and has been awarded for his contributions and achievements by the Iranian Petroleum University of Technology, the Iranian Islamic Azad University, and the National Iranian South Oil Company.

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